About THR

In short, The Human Revolution is a process of breaking free from our false identities, embracing our true selves, and stepping into our own lives and happiness.

But it’s so much more.

It’s a movement to start building a better, fairer, and more just human society, one that lives in harmony with nature and its awesome beauty.

Now, let me digress…

A Revolution? Really?

Yes, really. Not convinced?

I hear you. But stop and think for a second about what this world needs. I won’t bog you down with the laundry list; there’s no need to dwell in the negative.

Now that you’ve got the problems of the world on your mind, think of it as a car that’s not running smoothing, and ask:

Does it need a few minor adjustments to get things back to normal? Or does it need total engine overhaul?

I think we both know the answer. Tinkering here and there can help in the short-term, but in the long-term, we need to dramatically alter our course. We need a revolution.

What Kind of Revolution?

I think that, deep down, in one way or another, we all know this. But we resist large-scale change because it’s scary, and sometimes not possible.

Plus, when we think of revolution, we often think of war. This is a war, in a way, but not the type you’re thinking of. Instead, it’s a war being fought from within.

This is because:

To change the world we must first change ourselves.

Yupp. There it is. It’s on us. We, and only we, must do the work. There’s no magic bullet solution, or quick fix that will put everything on track.

Sucks, doesn’t it? A shortcut would be nice. Something we could do quick and then head back to the beach or down to the bar.

But that’s not reality. That’s not life.

Changing the World for the Better

Why us? Why do we need to change? Is there something wrong with us?

No, of course not. We’re behaving badly but that’s only because the world we live in feels like a cage. It curbs our freedom and ability to be our true selves in the name of order and progress.

In this sense, we’re behaving exactly as we should, like wild animals trapped in a cage. But this doesn’t mean we don’t need to change.

What kind of change?

In short, we need to heal.

Our cage is society, and we created that society and its systems. And these systems are flawed and broken because we are hurt and in pain.

Consumed by desires that most often aren’t our true desires, frozen by pressures that have no real impact on life, and halted by past traumas that our world doesn’t give us time to heal, we have trapped ourselves in a cage and we are all suffering.

In such a state, it’s no wonder we’ve taken our world of love and abundance and turned it into one of competition and exploitation. Yes, that’s right. We did this. Not trying to play the blame game. Just calling it like it is.

You see, the state of the world today is not the natural state of existence.

Life demands harmony, coexistence, and balance, three traits that we would never use to define our society. Yet it’s become what it’s become because of us. But not because humans are evil-spirited. No, no. That’s not it. Instead, this has happened because of our pain.

We suffer constantly, often for reasons we can’t understand, and so we go out into the world and seek our happiness, not realizing that happiness cannot be found.

Happiness already exists within us. We just need to remember it’s there.

This is the change we must invoke in ourselves. We must find the peace, love, and happiness that naturally radiates within us, harness it, and then use it to help and support others.

We must give to others when our cup of self-love is filled to the top and overflowing, not when there is a gap or a need. And we must remain connected to the universal, infinite being of love that resides inside all of us.

When we do this, we can heal and change ourselves, and then, and only then, can we heal and change the world.

Revolution as Remembering

Okay, I hope you see what we’ve got to do and why. But let me level with you:

This process is hard.

Really hard.

Really fucking hard.


Because the world is not set up for us to heal. It’s set up for us to keep running. To continue chasing happiness as if it were “out there,” because that’s what we’ve created for ourselves from our pain – a steadfast belief that we suffer because of the world, not realizing that the world suffers because of us.

It’s also hard because changing ourselves takes work.

Our world, which is built on pain and suffering, encourages order and conformity.

“Fit the mold and you will be okay”

This is the message we send both directly and indirectly to every human being, young or old.

We take this message in, and internalize it, until we forget that human beings are born free and cannot be contained.

Everyone knows this, deep down, but we reject this urge, and all the feelings that come with it, because society tells us that it’s not real. It convinces us that freedom can only be obtained by continuing along in the rat race pursuit of happiness that life has become.

We therefore deny our true selves and accept some other version because we’ve allowed society to convince us that’s the only way we can survive.

We create a version of ourselves that can function in this world but that does not reflect who we truly are.

We may find outlets for our true selves in friends, family, and lovers, but we spend most of our time in this world trying desperately to be something that we are not.

Therefore, the change we need is not really change. Instead, it’s a return. A regression to that which we already are. A shedding of the layers we’ve placed on top of ourselves so that we could fit into the world and feel the love that naturally resides inside of us but that we’ve been taught to forget.

Revolution as Remembering

Don’t get me wrong, this process is a difficult one. It entails questioning our own identities. And it asks us to be willing to toss out everything we ever knew about ourselves.

It requires taking an honest, hard look at ourselves.

It involves challenging our core beliefs.

It involves removing the bandages from our wounds so that they can finally heal, and

It demands patience, for change does not come overnight.

Even though the versions of ourselves we’re currently living as aren’t our true selves, we believe they are, and that’s enough to cause us great pain when we challenge this notion.

This means the pain hits in two waves.

The first crashes as we dig into our pasts to understand who we are, and the second comes when we finally decide to reject that fake self in favor of our authentic one.

In short, this process is an identity crisis.

This concept is perceived negatively in society, and so most of us hope to never experience it. But it’s what we need, and it’s worth it, soooooo worth it.

Only by removing the old can we make room for new.

Once you break free from that shackles of a self that isn’t you, the world becomes a bright place full of love, compassion, and opportunity.

Are You Ready?

his isn’t just some idealistic, philosophical, self-help BS. This is real.

How do I know? Because this has been my journey. My life. I still don’t know what’s real and what’s not, but I accept that my life is, at least to some extent.

As I’ve traveled the world, I have been, unknowingly, unraveling my old self. My twenties have been one entire identity crisis because I, again, unknowingly, launched a revolution inside myself.

Now I want to help you do the same. I want to share with you how this happened so that when you’re ready, you can do the same, and navigate the process more wisely than I did.

Why? Because

To bring on the revolution we so desperately need in the world , we first need to incite a total revolution within ourselves.

We must reset our individuals realities so that we can reset our collective realities.

We must launch a Human Revolution.

Now I ask:

Are you ready?