The Human Revolution is a movement to reset our current reality by injecting love into everything we do.

Love is at our core. It’s our true nature.

It’s what we are meant to do while living on this Earth.

It’s what we all seek.

Love need not be sought. Nor can it be found.

It is with us at all times.

It is not something we give. Nor is it something we can receive.

It’s something we access and embody.

Love cannot be held back. Nor contained.

It must be shared and spread.

All of the problems of the world can be solved with love.

By loving ourselves more, we can tap into universal love and share it with others.

By loving others as we love ourselves, we can put compassion above judgement and actually solve problems.

By loving nature as an extension of humanity, we can restore harmony to our world.

Why The Human Revolution?

Today, love needs help. Its presence is never gone, but it’s hidden behind personal pain and trauma, greed, frustration, anger, and so much more.

Until we embrace love, and inject it into all that we do, our problems will remain the same. We will continue to treat symptoms and not causes.

Let’s break the cycle.

Let’s start a revolution that puts love at the center of all that we do. Let’s completely reset our reality to something different, one that better reflects our true, loving nature.

On this blog, I explore how love makes its presence known in our lives, and I look at how the many problems we face as individuals and society can be understood and solved using love.

Follow along and join the revolution!

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