To build sustainable societies, we need more than innovative technologies. Solar panels, electric cars, and indoor farms are wonderful, but they are mere pieces of a very complex puzzle.

Real progress will come by making changes to our lifestyle that allow us to live in better harmony with nature.

But before we change how we act, we need to change how we think.

Thousands of years of evolution have hard-wired us to reject complacency and fear Nature—being too comfortable was a good way to get yourself killed. In years past, this approach worked, and it allowed human civilization to flourish around the globe. But it puts great strain on the environment, and it has created societies too tolerant of inequality and injustice.

To fix these problems, we need to change our approach and understand that we as people are just one part of a much larger whole.

And we’re getting there. Every day we see a bigger focus on issues of sustainability. People all over the world are creating new technologies, implementing new ways of doing business, and fighting against the inequalities that for too long have held back some of our best and brightest.

But it’s time for this stuff to go viral. Yet for that to happen, each one of us needs to do our part.

Everything we do is a chance to demonstrate how ready we are for something new. Yet it’s easy to feel like we’re too small to make real change.

The Human Revolution aims to remind everyone how our actions, choices, and thoughts are all significant drivers of change and progress, and that when grounded in love and compassion towards all living things, what we do can transform the world.

Everything matters. Don’t ever forget it.