Before we change how we act, we need to change how we think.

Thousands of years of evolution have hard-wired us to reject complacency and fear Nature, and this has ingrained in us behaviors that put our world in peril.

So, if we’re to change the world, we must understand it better. We must be more aware of our impact on it, as well as our role as just one part of a much larger whole. Furthermore, we must trust and believe what we do does matter.

We’re getting there. It’s hard to see in today’s climate, but we are progressing. However, in the face of steep resistance to change, to build the societies we want, we must fight harder, and smarter, than ever before. But most importantly, we must fight together.

The Human Revolution is focused on empowering people to be significant drivers of positive change by highlighting the interconnectivity of all things.

We hope to foster a broader understanding of the world and existence so that we can always feel the change we are creating, even if we can’t see it.

But for all this talk, two words can summarize our ethos:

Everything Matters