To live is to suffer

To suffer is to be ignorant.

To be ignorant is not know the true nature of all things.


Only by exploring the truth can we end our ignorance.

Only by ending our ignorance can we stop our suffering.

Only by stopping our suffering can we bring peace to the Earth and all the beings who inhabited it.


The Human Revolution is a secular movement inspired by the basic teachings of Buddhism that is focused on improving our world through an exploration of truth.


It is designed to help us uncover the very real causes of our own suffering and to develop effective means for alleviating it.

It is an open space where ideas can be exchanged but where hate and anger are not tolerated.

It is a chance for us to learn and to come together as a human race to restore peace and harmony to our world.


It is a revolution because our world and the systems that govern it do not recognize the true nature of all things — the interconnectivity of life, the abundance of the Universe, and the power of love. They are therefore corrupt, unjust, and counterproductive to the expansion of our consciousness and our final goal of achieving peace and ending human suffering.

It is an ideological coup that will overthrow evil and replace it with love, putting the well-being of all people and all living things to the forefront of our collective conscience and laying the groundwork for true and lasting change.

It is “human” because this effort must be global; the things that divide us are mere illusions, and we must strive to break them down and unite as one.

It is aa long, difficult road ahead. But it starts here and now.

Join us!