Procrastination Isn’t A Problem. It’s a Symptom of Something Else

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a procrastinator. No matter how important something is, I always seem to find a way to put it off until the last minute, or when I finally have no other choice. Unfortunately for me, this strategy has always worked just fine. Both in school and now as an adult making my living as a freelance writer, I’ve always managed to do what I need to do, even if I’ve had to suffer through some late nights to make it happen. And the results have always been positive; I was always a good student and I have managed to cobble together a collection of clients who love and appreciate my work. Over time, these results led me to believe that procrastination was actually helping me. I convinced myself that I needed the pressure and that it helped me produce my … Continue ReadingProcrastination Isn’t A Problem. It’s a Symptom of Something Else