Meditation Isn’t Stress Relief: It’s Something Infinitely Better

Meditation has become increasingly popular in today’s world. So much so that people no longer look at you strange when you say you practice. Instead, they’re far more likely to say something such as “Oh! Nice…good for you.” And a frequent follow-up to this statement is “I’ve tried it before. It was good. But it’s not really for me.” Of course, each person is on their own journey, and the role meditation plays in that is going to depend on many different factors. Though my experience has taught me that not only can meditation be useful for everyone, but it is something everyone should do. But I think the reason why so many people turn away from it in their daily lives despite accepting it as a “thing people do” is because we’ve been misinformed about what meditation is and what it can do for us. A big part of … Continue ReadingMeditation Isn’t Stress Relief: It’s Something Infinitely Better

Get to the Mat! Meditate Daily and Transform Your Life

Meditation has been a part of my life for several years now. I have attended courses, used apps and YouTube videos, listened to Podcasts and other talks, read books, and experimented on my own. In truth, it’s amazing how much is out there for anyone interested in mediation. It’s made it so much more accessible. But while all this information and experience is helpful, it pales in comparison to what practicing regularly can actually do. Everyone who meditates or who teaches it will tell you over and over again how important consistency is for meditation. But for the majority of us, practicing every day seems more like a dream than a realistic goal. During this pandemic, meditation has found its way back to me. The unique stresses of this moment in time have forced me to take a deeper look at myself, and it very quickly became clear to me … Continue ReadingGet to the Mat! Meditate Daily and Transform Your Life