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Consumer culture and sustainability tend to not mix well. But it really shouldn’t be this way. No matter what we may want to think, consumerism is here to stay. And even if it has its downsides, it helps spread economic prosperity and gives most of us something to do all day.

However, today’s consumer culture has no place in the sustainable societies of tomorrow. Economies must be reshaped to focus not on ever-increasing production and consumption, but on how to address society’s most pressing needs.

And the only way to help reshape the economy to make it more environmentally and socially just is to support businesses actively working in support of this cause.

This might mean buying products made of durable materials that don’t ever need to be thrown out. It could also mean buying food from farms that pay people well and take good care of the precious resources with which they’ve been trusted. Or it could be supporting the arts so as to create further career opportunities outside of the standard range of options.

Here you’ll find reviews and recommendations of products that can help you reduce or eliminate your environmental impact. All views expressed are those of The Human Revolution, and in the spirit of full disclosure, any purchases you make lead to a small commission for the site to help it stay up an running. But all recommendations are honest and done in the attempts to make our lives better and the planet greener.