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Equality and sustainability go hand-in-hand. We cannot build stronger societies if not everyone is included in them. And while a lot needs to be done to make sure this happens, a good place to start is to listen to others.

This space is dedicated to guest contributors. If you’ve got something to say, this could be your moment.

Sometimes we post questions and encourage responses, whereas other times we leave the floor open to anyone who wants to share what’s on their mind. We ask that the conversation stay focused on sustainability, but there’s flexibility.

Lessons in sustainability can be found anywhere we’ve had to struggle to understand our existence. After all, the idea of sustainability and our own mortality are closely connected. So whether it’s your experience navigating a difficult time, your trip to the other side of the world, or your discovery of an exciting new way to save energy or grow great tomatoes, we want to hear what you have to say.

The filter is thin, but please do review our content guidelines and reach out with ideas before writing. We’d hate to see you go through all that work for nothing!