Transfer Your Yoga Practice to Life off the Mat

Yoga is more popular today than ever. People have been practicing it for thousands of years, but it didn’t emerge into mainstream “Western” culture until the 1960s. But since then, it has exploded. Now, yoga is everywhere. Every bougie neighborhood in America’s cities has at least one studio if not more, many gyms are offering it as one of their group exercise program, doctors are suggesting it to patients as a way relieve stress and improve physical health, and it’s even making its ways into physical education curricula in public schools. This is wonderful to see. Like sitting meditation (yoga is a meditation in itself), yoga is a chance to give our minds a rest. While doing yoga, the focus is almost entirely on the body and the breath. Yes, the mind will wander and generate thoughts (that’s its job!) but the practice allows us to come back to our … Continue ReadingTransfer Your Yoga Practice to Life off the Mat