Here’s what Sarah Michaels, a fellow Human Being,  has to say about this week’s questions.

After you read, join the conversation! You can find the first questions here and then send your responses in to: They will be posted here unedited. Just be yourself, speak your mind and don’t be afraid. Not sure how to answer the question, then maybe let us know what the word “freedom” makes you think of, or how you express it in your daily life, at work, at school, with your friends, with your family. There is not one answer to these questions, but that’s the point.

Here’s Sarah:

*Oh to be free. Isn’t that something? To be free means to be whatever you feel at that moment. Feel it and be comfortable and at ease with whatever situation you may be in. Freedom should have no limits, no boundaries, no one to tell you x, y, z because of a, b, c. Freedom is to have choice, preferably choices. As a being, I feel that there is not much that I am afraid of. Fear is a silly thing. But, you bet your ass I am afraid of losing my freedom. But who is the one who can take it away? Can anyone take it away? … Also, should we discuss the difference between freedom and liberty… shewww

*Why do I live the way I live? Because I realize that I do not want what the average human in this society seems to yearn for. I worked for just barely a year at my first “professional” job with my degree. Great job, great people. But was it what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? Hell no. An opportunity arose to travel over seas to live and work and learn, why wouldn’t I seize that? I am living simply, but so wonderfully. To have less is really to have more. I would rather have more knowledge and more in my soul than possessions and a large bank account. We are all human and all so very alike, but most tend to think that we are different from one another. We need to get back to the basics of human(kind). I love being in new situations and learning things that one cannot learn in a classroom. Eventually I want to further my education and obtain a masters degree, but I am happy that I have not pursued that yet because I do not know what I want to study. There is so much to see and learn. I am also hesitant because of the price tag that comes along with a degree (a bit terrible that $ can deter one from gaining an eduction). But maybe school isn’t for me? I am trying to figure that out. Humans and the way we function as a whole are so interesting, most of the time I keep quiet and observe what is going on around me. Society is wild. But being wild is in our nature, eh? Hmmm

…I live the way I live because I feel that is the right thing, for me, to do. I aim to learn as much as I can from the man who drives my moto concho to the doctor sitting next to me on my flight. It is a big world and there is so much to learn. It makes me feel all giddy inside when I think about it, a sense of wonder. That is why I live the way I live.  …Stay with the group or find the answers. Live heavy, travel light. Knowledge is power…

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